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Mogle Brand Planning Poker Cards

This is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever made.

Tim planted the idea in my head a few weeks ago when we were brainstorming on a leaving gift for Matt. I’ve had an itch to make something physical for a while now, and this seemed like a fun weekend project. The theme for the deck came from Matt’s love of Raymond Chandler, 1920s aesthetics, and the colour orange.

For the process-curious: I drew the portraits with a tablet in Photoshop, using photos sourced from Flickr/Facebook as reference on another layer. I printed the card fronts on an ink jet using Epson matte paper (to make the blacks look nice and velvety). Then, with the windows open, and using a lightbox to correctly position things, I spray glued the fronts to the card backs (which I printed on orange heavyweight stock) — using a ‘permanent mount’ (glue on both sides). I trimmed all the cards by hand using an  X-Acto knife with a #11 blade — definitely the most reliable way. The box is an old chocolate tin I’d saved (I save everything) and spray painted black. The finishing touches were a label for the font (sealed with plastic film for durability) and a paper inlay to protect the edges of the cards from getting duffed up. The card back design and flourishes under the suit symbols are made with P22’s lovely Art Deco Extras and the typeface is Refrigerator Deluxe. This all involved a number of trips to Atlantis, my favourite art supply shop in the east end.