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I design music products for the web & speak about it.
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We Are The Makers Of Things

hannah donovan web directions 2011Photo by Jeremy Keith

On Friday I had the pleasure of speaking at Web Directions @Media again. I spoke on “finding our 3/4 view” and the design tools we’ll need for the future. Influenced by my research into industrial design, architecture and animation, this was a pretty personal talk and an absolute killer to write. There are practical bits, but it’s also filled with open questions and personal experiments I agonised over how to include. You could say I was a little bit relieved to get off the stage and discover people actually liked it.

You can download the slides (zipped PDF with notes) or view it on Slideshare.

A silly number of books piled up around my desk while writing this talk, so for the extra-curious, I snapped a picture of the ‘further reading list’.

further reading

This post wouldn’t be complete without a huge thanks to my sister Monika. She got me thinking about this stuff in the first place and pointed me in the right direction when I started asking questions about industrial design.